Ghosts of the Long Ago Drawer

Angie, lost and confused with her life, struggles to stay alive when she is faced with a bubbling cauldron of emotions ignited by recent events and surfacing memories of the ultimate tragedy that happened to her 40 years ago. Searching for answers while longing for relief from her suffering, she returns to the scene of the crime, her living room sofa.

title:  Ghosts of the Long Ago Drawer
filmmaker:  Al Germani
actor (Angie):  Joan Westmoreland
actor (Frank):  Haig Koshkarian
actor (Younger Angie) Kristen Fogle

vocalists / soundtrack collaborators:  Kim Itkonen and Niamh Martin
cinematography:  Jose Villanueva, Al Germani
editing, soundtrack and script:  Al Germani

Artistic Director / Filmmaker  LynxFilmWorks:   Al Germani
Al Germani has been a theatre/film director, teacher, choreographer, musician and a board certified licensed psychotherapist for the past 25 years. The combination of experience and graduate education in mental health and the performing arts, as well as extensive background in progressive theatre, performance art, modern & progressive dance, jazz, worldbeat percussion and Buddhist Studies lends a unique insight and understanding to his artistic vision and directing style and methods.
Al is also the Artistic Director of the award winning, critically acclaimed Lynx Theatre.
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Angel’s Reach Short Doc

blog-pix-angel-combo2.jpgLynxfilmworks Is Excited to Announce Angel’s Reach
by Filmmaker Al Germani
Has Won
at The Oceanside International Film Festival
August 19th 2012    Oceanside, CA

The California International Short Film Festival
June 16th 2012    Santa Monica CA

at  The 
BEST SHORTS  International Competition
La Jolla, CA

and was Nominated for BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT
at The Fallbrook International Film Festival 

and Has Received Official Selection at:

• The SOCAL Film Fest  Huntington Beach, CA
• The Taos Global Film Festival

A Documentary Short by Filmmaker Al Germani
Angel’s Reach is a Documentary Short Film that shares and celebrates 14 year old Julianne Martin’s difficult, demanding, yet inspirational journey.
  With the help and love of her parents, Christiane and Scott Martin, and her dance teacher and choreographer of 10 years, Barbara Rinaldo, she continues to embrace her ongoing passion for integrating her love of dance, her love of life, and the challenge of cerebral palsy. 

We have around us many who are introduced to the “Reality of Mortality” at much too young an age,
way before the time when, eventually, we all must confront the frustration and helplessness of our
aging physical body and the need to calculate our own life’s worth.

Often these individuals embrace and rise above this challenge with courage, tenacity,
determination and a life force way beyond their years.

I believe that these are the Angels among us.

Those of us who allow ourselves to be influenced by these “Angels” and who use this
intimacy and inspiration to fuel our own personal growth and the evolution of integrity and dignity
in our own lives – Those of us are then, within the Angel’s Reach.

Julianne is one of these Angels.        ____  Al Germani

dancer:     Julianne Martin
dance Teacher:     Barbara Rinaldo
cinematography, direction, editing:     Al Germani
choreography:     Barbara Rinaldo and Julianne Martin
music:     Alicia Keys
produced by
Barbara Rinaldo,  Artistic Director Creative Stages of San Diego
and San Diego Danceworks, www.sddanceworks.com
and Al Germani,  Artistic Director LynxFilmWorks, www.lynxfilmworks.net
 •  •  •  •  •  •
LynxFilmWorks is dedicated to creating and presenting dramatic works that
arouse your heart,
nourish your mind, invigorate your soul
and change the way you see and experience the world

Julianne Martin ______ photo: Al Germani

Angel's Reach • Winner • Best Documentary Short • Cal Int Shorts Fest 2012



CAST INTERVIEWS From Angel's Reach: Filmmaker Al Germani ••• Dancer/Actor Julianne Martin ••• Dance Teacher/Choreographer Barbara Rinaldo ••• Parents of Julianne: Christiane Sheid (Martin) and Scott Martin